About us

FINEX DRIVE SYSTEMS is a registered trade mark of INTER MOTOR LTD. Having accumulated a professional experience for more than 25 years, INTER MOTOR LTD is a strong supply center for electric motors and reducers.

The company maintains a significant amount of stock enough to deliver any kind of product from its storages immediately, which enable it to meet all kind of customer’s demand. By utilizing its expertise for its customers to choose the right motor, and by offering a fast delivery and specialized technical support, Inter Motor has emerged as a reliable partner for domestic and international machinery and industrial equipment manufacturers. It aims to offer the best product with fastest operation and minimum cost.

Finex Drive Systems is dedicated to offer full scale drive technologies solutions for its customers; therefore it focuses on mainly 4 types of product lines:

  • General Reducer Series
  • Electric gear motors
  • Special types of reducers
  • Power transmission components

Finex general speed reducer series includes helical gear reducers, bevel-helical gear reducers, cycloidal reducers, planetary reducers and worm gearboxes. In addition to standard gear boxes, Finex also offers a wide range of industry-specific solutions like: mill type reducers for cement industry, extruder reducers for plastic and rubber industry, heavy duty crane reducers… Furthermore, Finex Drive Systems supplies micro and small AC/DC gear motors from 6W to 7.5kW for smaller applications.

Inter Motor’s mission is to decrease energy loses in the industry and services’ sector for a better world. And it designs high efficiency environment friendly electric motors and high efficient reducers in the line with this mission.